Source includes a powerful suite of digital audio technologies to create vibrant, dynamic soundscapes within the game world. Seamlessly blend sound effects, dialogue, and music with visual elements for an intensely immersive and realistic playing experience.

Threaded Sound Engine. Sound mixing processing can run on separate cores on multicore systems.

Memory Management. Sounds can be asynchronously loaded, streamed, cached into a fixed pool or preloaded.

Surround Sound. Support for stereo, headphone, 4 channel and 5.1 surround mixes.

3D Spatialization. Apply occlusion and obstruction effects, distance, and environmental reverberation using custom 3D spatialization algorithms.

DSP. A wide range of stackable preset DSP filters includes reverb, chorus, ADSR envelope, low-frequency oscillation (LFO), and low-pass, high-pass, and band-pass filters. Custom or preset DSP effects can be triggered in-game based on environmental geometry.

Compressed Audio Formats. Source supports ADPCM, MP3*, and XMA.

Advanced Pre-processing Effects. Sound designers can author custom doppler shift, distance cueing and other multichannel effects.

16-bit 44KHz, stereo wave data with all features.

Real-time Wave File Stitching. A simple scripting system lets audio designers build aggregate effects out of wave sequences.

Overall Mix Control. Audio designers can build several overall mixes using scripts and the game can dynamically switch between those mixes to get different fader settings for action vs. dialog scenes.

Scripting System for Environmental Sounds. VAudio designer can script custom ambient loops, random events, and DSP effects that are triggered based on the player’s position in space. This can also be modified by game logic for dynamic effects.

Material-based Effects. Audio designers can define scripts to set up material specific impact, friction, and footstep effects as well as reflection parameters for automatic room DSP.

* requires Miles Sound System license

Video Playback. Support for video playback on multiple platforms available with separate Bink Video license from RAD Game Tools.

Optimize soundscapes using in-game audio diagnostic tools.