Valve Hammer Editor, the Source map creation tool, is an intuitive WYSIWYG design environment for constructing level architecture (geometry, texturing, lighting); placing and scripting models, entities, and NPCs; and compiling and running game levels. Included is the VMPI tool, which greatly reduces map build time by distributing compilation across multiple PCs.

Displacement Surfaces. Freely create and sculpt natural hills, valleys, trenches, slopes, and tunnels using displacement geometry brush surfaces. Transform and clip displacement surfaces using brush and vertex tools.

Brush Entities. Define how objects interact with world architecture using a comprehensive inventory of brushes, including occluders, doors, triggers, area portals, soundscapes, and more.

Skyboxes. Cube and environment mapping (skyboxing) extends the horizon and adds parallax on distant objects.

Lighting Preview. Easily view the effects of manipulating light sources within a level.

(1) Build and preview new worlds with the Valve Hammer Editor. The integrated Model Browser helps you quickly find, preview, and place models. (2) Dynamically render organics, such as grass and trees, using alpha-to-coverage for realistic foliage and landscape rendering.