Compatibility with popular graphics and 3D modeling software lets you model realistic or highly-stylized characters, weapons, vehicles, and props within the Source environment. A robust set of tools help you efficiently rig, animate, and define physics interactions for a wide range of characters and objects.

Advanced Character Meshes

Create believable characters with accurate human characteristics:

Simulated musculature projects character emotions, speech, and body language.

Spherically-shaped eyes realistically reflect light and focus on the player/object, rather than parallel views.

Language independent speech. Characters accurately and naturally lip-synch speech in any language.

Improved human skin shading. Skin rendering includes natural-looking Phong shading, including a view-dependent Fresnel effect tuned for realistic human skin.

(1) Choreograph realistic characters that convey a wide range of emotions. (2) Source Model Viewer.

Artist Plug-ins. Streamline artist workflow by integrating Source modeling functions with familiar programs favored by creative professionals: Autodesk® Maya®, 3ds Max®, and Gmax®; SOFTIMAGE® | XSI®, Blender, LightWave 3D®, Maxon CINEMA 4D, Milkshape 3D, FragMOTION

Model and Materials Compiler. Compile models and materials with the Studiomdl and Vtex tools.

Model Viewer. Preview models in wireframe, shaded, or textured view modes; set up hit boxes, play animations, and fine-tune physics constraints.

Advanced Animation Tools

Skeletal Animation System. Articulate models with fluid and complex motion using Valve’s proprietary skeletal animation system.

Facial Animation System. Valve’s proprietary facial animation system seamlessly blends a wide range of facial expressions for natural, emotion-driven speech and movement. With more than 40 distinct facial “muscles,” human characters convey the full array of human emotion and respond to the player with fluidity and intelligence.

Advanced Procedural Animation Tools. Tune ragdoll, animated bone followers, and custom procedural physics controllers.

Animation Blending. Seamlessly blend gestures to create continuous movement or add depth to any character situation.

Layered Animation Blending. Synthesize animations out of multiple pieces.

Faceposer. Easily craft speech and emotions using the Faceposer facial expression tool.