Source’s highly scalable, network-enabled physics system is both processor and bandwidth efficient. Construct responsive, transformable worlds where AI characters interact with physically simulated objects, and sound and graphics follow from physics. Source’s physics features can be controlled by level design.

Machinery. Construct detailed machinery with functioning mechanisms, gears, belts, and pulleys.

Vehicles. Non-player characters and, in a multiplayer game, other players can come along for a ride in cars that feature realistic suspensions with springs on each wheel and wheels that slip and skid depending on the surface material. Individually tunable parameters include horsepower, gearing, max speed, shift speed, tire material, tire friction, spring tension/dampening, and more. Leaning during acceleration, deceleration, and turning enhances the realism of the driving experience.

Deformable Objects. Physics-based animation simulates flexible hair and clothing and blends ragdoll physics with predefined animations.

Ropes and Cables can be dynamically shaken or broken by level events.

Constraint System Manager. Realistically define bone movement within a physical system using a series of constraints that enable a nearly limitless range of complex movements.

Inverse Kinematics ensures that characters’ limbs correctly react to environments, such as moving around obstructions and adjusting for uneven terrain.

(1) Vehicles, from cars to hovercrafts, are custom-tunable for a realistic driving experience.
(2) Characters’ limbs correctly adjust for uneven surfaces.